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Water distillers and water collectors

Tap water may contain soluble impurities harmful to the body. Regular boiling only helps to get rid of microbes, but mineral salts and organic compounds are not removed.

For complete purification, distillation of water is required. For this purpose, distillers of various types are used, differing in design and performance.

Water distillers and water collectors

A water distiller is an apparatus for purifying water by boiling it and then condensing the resulting vapor.

As a result of distillation, water is treated from non-volatile substances dissolved in it, as well as pathogens.

The resulting condensate is tasteless and odorless.

Initially, the device was used for the preparation of alcoholic beverages, but later the scope of use of the distiller has expanded significantly.

The main element of the distiller is a tank-chamber for heating water and its evaporation. There is also a vapor cooling and condensate drainage system.

The water distiller works as follows:

  • Through the tap, cold water enters the jacket of the condenser and cooler, passes through the equalizer and fills the evaporation chamber.

  • The Start button switches on the heating element. If the water level drops below normal during the operation, the sensor automatically turns off the device.

  • As the water heats up, vapor is generated in the chamber. In the upper part of the evaporator there are spray traps for removing water droplets from the vapor.

  • Vapor is condensed passing through the refrigerator. The distillate flows down the walls of the condenser, goes out through the fitting and enters the condensate collector.

  • The water level in the chamber is maintained automatically. Excess water flows through the equalizer into the sewer.

The package of a standard device includes:

  • A tank with an internal heating element and an equalizer.

  • A spare heating element and a level sensor.

  • Hoses for connecting the device to water, and fastening clamps.

  • A container for collecting distilled water. It is made of glass or food grade plastic and comes with a hermetic a lid.

  • A nozzle that prevents dust from penetrating the condensate collector.

  • A spout preventing splashing of distilled water flowing out of the device.

  • A charcoal filter.

  • An electrical cable.

  • Assembly & operating instructions.

  • A cleansing agent for cleaning the evaporation chamber from salt deposits.


After the water has been purified, it must be stored in a specially designated container in order to avoid re-contamination with impurities. In pharmacies, laboratories and medical institutions, water containers are used for this. These devices are reasonable to use for a water distilling apparatus. In most cases, the water distiller is connected to a single system with a collector of purified water. They are also installed in combination.

The devices differ in volume and weight. All devices:

  • have all components made of stainless steel;

  • are conveniently and easily combined with any water distiller;

  • are equipped with a device for automatic shutdown of the distiller, if the collection container is full;

  • are equipped with special filters (air and bactericidal);

  • are equipped with a special tap, which is necessary for parsing water.

The devices are equipped with everything necessary for their convenient and long-term use. The body materials have an anti-corrosion effect and are resistant to mechanical damage. The devices perfectly withstand strong pressure and other loads. They have different volumes for ease of use. They also differ in their design. Some collectors can be used to work with several samples at once.

In addition to storing distilled water, the collectors can be used in chemical experiments using acids and alkalis. The devices are easy to disassemble, which simplifies their hygienic care.

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