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Steam disinfector DGM

DGM 2000 steam chamber is created for a large-scale disinfection of mattresses, pillows, blankets in bed-changing, medoiprophilactic institutions of various specialization, centralized laundries, care centers and other departments where steam disinfection is needed. Disinfection is carried out by pure steam. The steam jacket additionally warms the chamber and reduces the steam condensation inside the chamber. The steam supply to the chamber is carried out from the installation jacket. The humidity of clothing and bedding after disinfection does not exceed the initial humidity by more than 1%.
It is located between rooms with different cleanliness classes. The disinfection chamber operates with a steam temperature not exceeding 111 degrees and a pressure not exceeding 0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf / sq.m). In accordance with paragraph 1.1.2 of the "Rules for the device and safety of operation of pressure vessels " of PB 03-576-03, approved by the Gosgortehnadzor of Russia, the DGM-2000 disinfection steam chamber is not a pressure vessel. The DGM 2000/3000 is manufactured to meet the world's toughest standards of quality and safety standards.

Complete set composition:

  • DGM-2000 steam chamber, doors with electromechanical locking mechanism.
  • Loading cart – 1 pcs.
  • Transport trolleys - 2 pcs.
  • Air compressor
  • External steam generator*
  • spare parts kit

* Disinfector is equipped with a steam generator in the absence of a centralized steam supply.

  • Reliable equipment

  • Best value for money

5 integrated disinfection programs
Cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked
Built-in printer
Complete set composition: transport trolleys, loading cart, water softener, air compressor, steam generator



Chamber volume, L

Temperature adjustment range, °С

Capacity, set

Power supply, V/Hz

DGM 2000






Other electrical connections on request

DGM 3000






Other electrical connections on request

*Technical parameters may vary slightly by tolerances specified by the sterilizer manufacturer

  • Single or double-door version
  • Compact design using an external steam generator allows for a centralized steam supply
  • Suitable for installation at floor level
  • Safety: chamber door cannot be opened when chamber is pressurized