DGM Steriguard® antimicrobial multi-layer mat


Additional antimicrobial protection


Medical product. The product is polyethylene layers, numbered in reverse order with antibacterial adhesive coating.

Location: entrance to rooms with high demands on cleanliness.

  • Best value for money



Quantity in package, pcs.

Size 1

115х45 cm, 30 layers

10 pcs.

Size 2

115х60 cm, 30 layers

10 pcs.

Size 3

115х90 cm, 30 layers

10 pcs.

Size 4

115х90 cm, 60 layers

5 pcs.

Selective sizes are indicated. The full range of sizes listed in the price list available upon request.

  • Entraps dirt, dust particles from personnel shoes and cart wheels
  • Antimicrobial effect
  • Leaves no marks on soles, wheels