DGM Steriguard bags (pouches) with dust and moisture protection

Additional protection of sterilizing packaging against dust, moisture, mechanical influences during transportation and storage.

Dust and moisture protective plastic bag is used as additional moisture and other environmental impacts protection of reprprocessing products.

Reprocessing is not carried out in the dust and moisture protection bag. First, the product is packed in sterilizing packaging and reprocessed. After that, the sterilizing package with the product is additionally packed in a dustproof bag.
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Bags (pouches) are available in various standard sizes
Not intended for reprocessing

Bags (pouches) with dust and moisture protection

Size 1

200 mm х 300 mm

Size 2

250 mm х 400 mm

Size 3

400 mm х 750 mm

Size 4

500 mm х 670 mm

Size 5

550 mm х 750 mm

* Selective sizes are indicated. The full range of sizes listed in the price list available upon request.

  • DGM Steriguard bags (pouches) with dust and moisture protection provide additional safety of instruments after reprocessing