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DGM GS 3 Endoscope reprocessor

DGM GS is an integrated endoscope reprocessing system that provides complete, consistent, high level disinfection of flexible and rigid enoscopes.

The highest flexibility is granted by the compact design which ensures low cycle costs by reducing consumption of water, chemicals and energy.


  • Light inside chamber

  • Leak control

  • Themal self-disinfection cycle

  • Bracket for modular assembly

  • HEPA filter for dryer cycle

  • Stainless steel base shelf for storing detergents and disinfectants

  • Reliable equipment

  • Best value for money

DGM GS 3 is for 1 flexible endoscope or up to 3 video fiberscopes/cystoscopes of all types and brands
Two DGM GS 3 units can be placed on top of one another which allows asynchronous reprocessing of 2 flexible endoscopes in a small area
Flow and pressure monitoring during the whole cycle for each channel of the endoscopes
The channels treatment is guaranteed by dedicated pumps for each channel of the connected endoscopes
Possibility of creating a database of endoscopes, doctors, operators



External dimensions (D х W х H), mm

630 х 600 х 953

The height is specified with the stand

Power supply, V/hz


Max length of flexible endoscope, mm


Max length of rigid endoscope, mm


Weight, kg


*Technical parameters may vary slightly by tolerances specified by the sterilizer manufacturer
  • Universal: for flexible and rigid enoscopes
  • Possibility to connect one flexible endoscope with up to 7 channels
  • DGM GS 3 is for 1 flexible endoscope or up to 3 video fiberscopes/cystoscopes of all types and brands
  • Possible to use different chemical products: DGM GS is compatible and tested with peracetic acid and glutaraldehyde
  • Total control of the process: leak test is executed during the whole wash/disinfection cycle with automatic cycle stop in case of any anomaly
  • Total filtration: Complete purging of the instrument channel by a built-in air system
  • Built-in printer

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