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FLEX ENDO-1 flexible endoscope treatment unit


FLEX ENDO-1 is a new improved model of the first Russian installation for the automatic treatment of flexible endoscopes, which provides washing, high-frade disinfection, drying and additional drying with alcohol (made in accordance with requirements of GOST ISO 15883-1-2011 and GOST R ISO 15883-4-2012). Automated cleaning and disinfection cycles significantly reduce the time and improve the quality of flexible endoscope treatment.

DGM Steriguard consumables have been tested and recommended for use in the Flex Endo-1 flexible endoscope washer-disinfector.

Made in full compliance with the regulatory document SP 3.1.3263-15 "Prevention of infectious diseases during endoscopic interventions". Automated cleaning and disinfection cycles significantly reduce the processing time and improve the processing quality of flexible endoscopes.
  • 2 year warranty

  • Reliable equipment

  • Best value for money

12 programs (free programming of parameters according to the user's needs)
7-inch color touch display
The housing is made of stainless steel to ensure reliability and durability
Built-in leak test
Disinfectant heating
Air and water filtration system
Built-in thermal printer
Possibility of forced drainage of liquids



Number of simultaneously treated endoscopes, pcs


Reservoirs capacity, l

Detergent - 2, Disinfectant - 20, Alcohol - 2

External dimensions (W*D*H), mm


Temperature of disinfectant heating, °C

up to 50

Pharmstandard-Medtechnika LLC presents a full range of consumables for sterilization, disinfection and pre-sterilization treatment, as well as a line of thermosealing machines. "DGM Steriguard®" consumables are produced in Russia and at the world's leading sites.

  • Universal equipment for all types and brands of flexible endoscopes
  • Reliable equipment made in Russia with a 100% localization
  • New modern design and improved functionality
  • Fully automated process for disinfecting flexible endoscopes
  • The best price/performance ratio
  • Transparent chamber top cover allowing to monitor the endoscope treatment
  • Built-in air compressor for drying endoscope channels
  • Warranty 24 months from the date of commissioning
  • Unprecedented fast assembly and delivery within a month