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DGM AND steam sterilizers


DGM AND Steam sterilizers are produced in Europe following CE standards and meet the world`s toughest quality and safety standards.

  • Wide range of volumes: from 1 to 12 STU

  • Vertical sliding door(-s); Single or double-door version

  • High-quality, including chamber made of stainless steel AISI 316L and a full steam jacket

  • Cost-effective: low electricity and water consumption

  • Safe and environmental friendly


DGM AND Series are designed for the steam sterilization of surgical instruments, textiles, clothes, rubber items, metal, plastic and glassware. Used in hospitals, including CSSD, operating rooms, kitchens, laundries, as well as pharmaceutical and other industries, the additional programs enable them to sterilize medical solutions, microbiological cultures and mediums. DGM AND Sterilizers are automatically controlled, userfriendly, excellent production effi ciency, with a wide range of capacities. Created to reduce energy and water consumption these sterilizers are economic and eco-friendly.


DGM AND sterilizers are also used in laboratories, pharmaceutical amd other industries as additional programs enable them to sterilize medical solutions, microbiological ciltures and mediums. They are automatic controlled, user-friendly with excellent production efficiency and have a wide range of capacity. Being created to reduce energy and water consumption DGM AND sterilizers are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

All sterilizer models are available in single-door and double-door versions. Vertical sliding door saves space in the loading/unloading area. Chamber steam jacket and steam generator are made of high-quality 316L stainless steel in accordance with European standards.  18 integrated programs for sterilization of instruments, textiles, clothes, rubber items, metal, plastic and solutions. Each program allows to select sterilization time and temperature, drying and cooling. In addition, 2 service programs are pre-installed: leak test and  Bowie-Dick test. Indicating of anomalies and alarms on colour touch screen display in real time. Output of sterilization parameters on the built-in printers.

Accessories and options:

Various options are available for DGM Steam Sterilizers, including additional temperature sensor for liquids sterilizing, Validation IQ/OQ, Bio-seal, etc.

  • Transport trolley
  • Loading cart
  • Sterilization basket 580x280x260 mm
  • Sterilization basket 585x365x170 мм
  • Sterilization basket 435x365x170 мм
  • Reliable equipment

  • Best value for money

The DGM AND has a compact design and vertical sliding door(-s).
The automatic data archiving of sterilization process allows controlling parameters of sterilization. There is opportunity for remote monitoring and control of the DGM AND sterilizer. It is also possible to store cycle reports during the lifetime of a sterilizer and reminders for service appear on the LCD screen.
7" colour touch screen display; 15 integrated programs; a wide range of parameter adjustment is available for each program, etc.
Chamber door cannot be opened when chamber is pressurized. A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked. Anomalies, alarms, main components maintenance status are indicated in real time.
A wide range of options including Bio-seal, Validation IQ/OQ, Quick cool-down system, etc.


STU capacity

External dimensions (DхH), mm

Power, kW

AND 100-1 (-2)




AND 150-1 (-2)




AND 300-1 (-2)


1070 (990) х 1180 х 1890


AND 400-1 (-2)


1325 (1245) х 1180 х 1890


AND 600-1 (-2)


1625 (1545) х 1180 х 1890


AND 800-2


2145 х 1180 х 1890


  • Compact size
  • Advanced Control System
  • User-friendly
  • Safety
  • Options